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by Thought Forms

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You the stream cut through me move and wear movement tears I grow small ground and worn our line split my time is done You the stream cut through me move and wear movement tears I grow small ground and worn our line split your time will come
For time there is there is no space and there’s no “thing” the flow one way there are no words just endless space and in the end no deal was made for your escape this is no place maps of a sin become engraved yeah play your part wandering your hand’s a map wandering from room to room ghost of a man who stays afloat with tired hands on the book that she wrote that’s soaked with your name wide eyed and alone as just her words remain in fantasy you say to me I’m carried by the tide our mouths are filled with blood no room to move unheard to man the cries that die across silent lands “it is the nothing that I can’t take but this is nothing that I can’t take”
We stand arm to arm as we live eye to eye each point resonates filled with life ghosts echo in each place that held our sound each trace combines to bind us and the name is written on the insides of my eyes caught in the spaces between and the name on a loop for twenty thousand miles forms the contour of my breath oh the hours sprawl along the roads we create they are glowing and endless through these pages I will absorb into me and with these strings I will absorb into me through the flow of our veins who know nothing know nothing of age broken spine make them play and the ghosts that your hands left behind get me off and the strings lift me up as they weigh me down and salty water fills my chest and I listen over and over and over again but they drown out the sound from below on the ground one day to another one year to the next
I am full my fingers are bloodied and raw caught in what’s between I ask “share your fire with me” my throat is tight where have you been? I unlocked the gate and watched the lake flood in you are taken by a voice something I cannot learn hairs are joined bones combined for so long I thought that Jesus would come to my school where Ono walked in dreams as a friend and you are closer to god than any of us half lit soaked with eyes fixed on the lake that
Sumire where've you gone? I don't know
I hear them talking "you'd best keep that in" so fast I run from the fires that blind him sinful I beg "forget my name; make me nothing, nothing again" drenched in fear when you came let us never speak of this again
I am late late again time you crave an excuse I made you wait there for me and there nothing will be autumn walks in the golden sun all my thoughts pause until you have gone as seasons change I fade back to my old ways you wait there for me and there nothing will be sitting in the autumn sun watching you come undone reaching out to touch your hair though I know in time you won’t be there stories drawn on your skin I breathe in now I start to hold on to these feelings as I walk home alone hoping that winter comes I can see you everywhere though I’m wishing that the scene was bare sitting in the autumn sun watching you come undone knowing that you won’t be there but I’ll wait here for you
Deep and pure as we course navigated by the stars we are filled with wreckages navigated by the stars they’re ours it’s all we have I dance on though I’m worn I’m open in you pour this is ours all we have this is ours all we have
Light me up with moving stars and you can talk and I I know these words run deep our wounds and I can talk and you we won't leave we'll always be the taste of home and blood breeds fire
All that I've known came from one source alone and of all the numbers no one could know who would guess that the two of such few words betrayed by the blood that runs through time The bones in your face come from someone unknown and it's true that the quiet will burn for so long still it grows on and on and the story gets slower over time inhale the old lines it's clean if it's gold If you're god then I am six if you're god there's time at the rate we cross lines you're bound and I am wrong Of places we've known all in greys of their own I am sure that our ghosts live in each moment kept seen through eyes made of film and pulled out helping ease the way through


A live album.
Recorded late 2016.


released February 9, 2017

Recorded and mixed by James King.
Mastered by Jim Barr.


all rights reserved



Thought Forms Bristol


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